At the intersection of health and beauty, your digestive system plays a pivotal role, linked to the health of your skin.

Are you a woman, whose smile masks the internal struggle you’re facing? Does a simple social gathering send shivers down your spine due to the looming possibility of feeling unwell for days after indulging in a simple meal? Is the joy of dining with friends a dreadful thought due to the impending digestive discomfort to follow? Does this constant association of being social and suffering strip your confidence?

80 Million Americans are dealing with acne and 31 million with eczema. You are not alone if your skin is your biggest frustration. Let's talk about the opportunity to restore your skin's radiance and reclaim your social life.

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I firmly believe in the incredible power of the human body to heal itself. Our bodies possess innate wisdom, a natural ability to restore balance and vitality when given the right environment and support. In my practice, I see myself not just as a doctor, but as an educator and facilitator of this remarkable healing process.

My approach centers around empowering women with knowledge to unravel the intricate connections between the gut and the skin. Revitalizing health involves nurturing the gut and skin through balanced nutrition, detoxification, healthy habits, and safer skin care.



Dr. Monique’s educational background includes graduating from CUNY at City College of NY where she earned her BS in Psychology before attending the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine (UBCNM) where, after four years of study, she earned her doctorate in naturopathic medicine.

It was a natural choice for Dr. Monique to become a naturopath fulfilling her lifelong zeal for helping and serving other people and becoming a doctor. Prior to becoming a doctor, Dr. Monique worked in the field of HIV/AIDS as a case manager and as a student clerk in the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
Now Dr. Monique offers telemedicine visits to her clients from all around the world.


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