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Welcome to Harmony Health & Wellness, your dedicated telemedicine practice committed to supporting young women battling skin issues such as: acne, psoriasis, hives, rosacea, eczema and dry skin.

At Harmony Health & Wellness, the profound connection between the GUT-SKIN is nurtured with a holistic approach which focuses on restoring harmony within to allow the body to heal itself.

Understanding the pivotal role gut health plays in women's lives, addressing and restoring gut health paves the way for a cascade of positive effects. Balanced gut health forms the foundation for radiant skin, harmonious hormones, improved detoxification processes, better sleep quality, improved moods, effective weight management and increased energy levels.

This Includes: Detoxification, regular support & education, functional medicine testing, and supplementation.

"Dr. Bowman changed the way we looked at the issue"

My children had very bad eczema

We tried many types of creams, prescribed and non-prescribed. Most worked for a while but never lasted long. Finally, we met Dr. Bowman who changed the way we looked at the issue. She told us that it all begins within, meaning the stomach. She prescribed a probiotic for my children, and sure enough slowly their skin began to change. She also told us to use a natural lotion. Their skin has significantly improved, which is all I wanted for them. Dr. Bowman is amazing!

"I have worked with Monique at different points of my life"

I have too much to say about Dr. Monique.

During my first pregnancy I had some complications with vitamins deficiencies and she assisted me all the way until postpartum. I had lactation issues and she was there, the first fever my son had under 3 months she was there and sent me a homeophatic treatment to help and I did not have to use any over the counter medicines, for me this was important with a brand new baby.

"Recommendation from Dr. Bowman has changed everything"

 Due to a lot of food preparation, hand washing and cleaning at work, my hands were always dry and cracking. They were always hurting even though I wore gloves to protect myself from the chemicals. I went to Dr. Bowman, and she recommended a non-toxic cleaner, hand wash and moisturizer. She educated me about hydration and hand treatments. Although I’ve tried many types of lotions, nothing ever worked.The recommendation from Dr. Bowman has changed everything, and my hands are smoother than ever!

Your Comfortable Gut Program

Not your typical one-size-fits-all approach. Together we'll be diving deep into your unique needs and crafting a personalized journey towards radiant skin, increased energy and vitality. Together, we'll conquer every aspect of your well-being with a personalized blend of nutrition, stress management, and natural remedies. Your transformation starts here.

4 Months


During our Health Audit Visit, we'll delve deep into your health landscape. Recommended If you only need guidance for one specific health concern.


Not ready for a program? I offer individual consultations

Nutrition is key

In the realm of naturopathic medicine, nutrition stands as a cornerstone for promoting overall well-being, especially for women. It's not merely about sustenance; rather, it serves as a potent tool, capable of either healing or inducing inflammation within the body. As a naturopathic doctor specializing in women's health, I emphasize the importance of discerning individual food sensitivities that are driving the inflammation in the body. Through comprehensive lab testing that evaluates reactions to 250 different foods, I guide my clients towards a personalized anti-inflammatory diet, unique to their body's needs. Understanding the intricate relationship between nutrition and inflammation is pivotal, and working collaboratively with me empowers individuals to make informed dietary choices, fostering a journey towards optimal health and vitality.

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Good health begins in the gut.

Hippocrates said "all disease begins in the gut." By delving into gut function and microbiome diversity through functional medicine tests allows us to identify inflammation in the gut, dysbiosis or infections that are playing a role in the disease process. By identifying these factors, we can target the root cause of the disease.
By understanding the microbiome, we can target proper nutrition and supplementation for healthy diversity.