Frequently Asked Questions

what is naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is the medical practice of utilizing nature and natural therapeutics to restore harmony to the health of an individual. Therapies include: lifestyle modification, nutrition, mind-body counseling, exercise, vitamin/nutrient supplementation, homeopathy, botanical medicine, and detoxification.

why Should I see a naturopathic doctor?

To understand the root cause of your health condition and support your body to correct deficiencies in nutrition and lifestyle in order to restore health.

What kind of training do naturopaths receive?

Naturopathic Doctors receive 4 years of post baccalaureate medical training, like a medical doctor, with a stronger emphasis on the natural therapies. Which includes: biomedical sciences (histology, physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, neuroanatomy, embryology), clinical research, pharmacology, lifestyle counseling, physical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, medical ethics and 4,100 hours of in-house clinical residency in order to graduate from a Department of Education accredited school in order to be allowed to take the licensing exam. Upon passing the licensing exam, the ND must complete 15 Continuing Education (CEs) credits each year to maintain licensure.

Can naturopaths order labs or prescribe medications?

Yes, in licensed states NDs can order routine labs and imaging. If NDs have prescriptive rights, they can write prescriptions too. Dr. Monique does not prescribe prescription (pharmaceutical) medications. 

Can naturopaths take insurance?

In licensed states NDs are eligible to accept insurance. Dr. Monique does not accept insurance.

Will my naturopath work with my other healthcare professionals?

Absolutely! Dr. Monique is happy to work with your current primary care physician or specialist to wholly support your health.

How long would I typically work with a naturopath like dr monique?

Dr. Monique sees clients for acute and chronic conditions. The length of the therapeutic relationship depends on several factors, including how your body is responding to the selected therapies. However, the nature of the relationship is going to be a long lasting one since health is a journey and not a destination.

Are there any side effects to the treatment you provide?

There may be side effects to natural therapies and Dr. Monique will review all such cautions on an individual basis.

Are naturopathic treatments well-researched?

Natural treatments have a long-standing history of evidence-based research. Some of the homeopathic therapies used by Dr. Monique are not. The reason is because they are not used to treat a condition or disease, but rather to assist the body in drainage and detoxification. 

What can I expect as a client?

As a client, you can expect that you will be heard and treated as a whole, individual with very unique needs. Dr. Monique will thoroughly explain and guide you through your specific protocol for success. You will be treated as a team player who is capable of achieving what you desire and therefore will be coached to help you to be accountable for your success.


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